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We pride ourselves in offering Authentic and Delicious Korean classics, such as Bibimbap, Bulgogi, LA Galbi, Japchae, and Boneless Korean Fried Chicken, and many more!

Our Meal Kits, Marinated Meats, Frozen Soup and Kimchi are available for delivery across GTA via PC Chef and

Caterings are available, please email us for details and customized menu for your upcoming gatherings.

Looking for a gift idea? Gift Card is also available via Ambassador, treat your family and friends (or yourself!) with a fun and delicious experience.

Do you have any dietary restrictions?

For no gluten, please try

- Seafood Soondubu (Soft Tofu) Jjigae

- Shrimp Bokkeumbap: normally have soy in it, but we can omit soy sauce

- Kimchi Bokkeumbap: normally have soy in it, but we can omit soy sauce

- Kimchi Stew

- Kimchi Fries


If you are ok with a trace of wheat (from soybean paste and fermented chili paste),

we’d suggest following items as well

Deonjang Jjigae (Miso Soup)

Gamjatang (Pork bone soup)

Spicy Dupbaps (Rice bowls, pork, chicken, squid)

Dubu Kimchi

Vegetable Bibimbap

For any other dietary restrictions, please email us before placing your order.

How to order

For Pick Up:

We have partnered up with Ambassador to make the ordering easier and faster!

You can (pre-)order, pay and select your desired pick up time for your orders.

Please allow us around 30 minutes to prepare your order, although it may take a bit longer depends on the time and volume of the order.

If you have any requests or dietary restrictions, please leave us a note or email us before placing your order.

While we do our best to accommodate any dietary restrictions, please note that we cannot always accommodate special requests.

For Online Pick Up orders only, all of our food menu items (except fried chicken) are 15% off, and the menu prices are already reflected of this promotion.

For Delivery:

Whenever possible, please use these UberEats and Doordash links below, or use "Order Food" button on our Instagram to place your order for delivery instead of ordering directly on your mobile apps, as this method has the lowest commission fee for restaurants.